The grain reveals itself

Cooperative grain production and processing group, VIVESCIA, has teamed up with food photographer, Laurent Rodriguez, to create a series of photos that pays tribute to the group's most emblematic grain crops: wheat, barley, maize and canola.  

Entitled "Les céréales se dévoilent" (The Grain Reveals Itself), this collection of 11 photos portrays the unprocessed grain and its successive evolutions, first into flour, then semolina, then oil or malt, and finally into finished products like the croissant, the bagel, beer or maize oil.

More than just a homage to the products, " The Grain Reveals Itself " is also a nod to VIVESCIA's many areas of expertise and its control of the grain value chain – on the farming side and the food processing side – thanks to its milling, baking, malting and maize processing businesses.

About Laurent Rodriguez
Photo Laurent Rodriguez
Food photographer

From his studio in the centre of Reims, Laurent Rodriguez has been devoted to food photography for 15 years. Laurent puts cooking at the heart of the creative process with the help of his brother and partner, David Rodriguez, a graduate of Ferrandi cookery school. Laurent Rodriguez produces branding and packaging photography, as well as cookery videos, for the biggest names in the food industry and regional gastronomy.

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Winner of the 2015 culinary arts photography award at the International Culinary Photography Festival, Laurent's photos have been shown around the world, from the COP21 to the Universal Exposition in Milan.


Malt with character

Malt with character

In the form of whisky – a noble and complex beverage – barley expresses its essence and bares its soul. "Character" is synonymous with "spirit", whose etymology is related to the volatile nature of alcohol.   



Drink sensibly


Wheat to go

Wheat to go

The bagel – emblematic of New York culture and city life – is a wheat-based creation that is enjoyed on the go by people with a hectic schedule.


Festive corn

Puffed corn that goes "pop" – exploding into a crispy, savoury snack – corn is a cracking crop. "Festive corn" evokes all the fun times people enjoy at aperitif.


Childhood wheat

Flipping pancakes on Pancake Day; piles of pancakes drizzled with chocolate or jam: this product brings back treasured childhood memories of family moments.


Our daily wheat

Bread, an everyday product that is never banal and a flavour that lives long in the memory. It is also an everyday product in the sense that every day it is shaped by the hand of man. "Our daily wheat" is a simple and radiant product. Indeed, the French say that something boring and tiresome is "as long as a day without bread"...


Corn pairings

In oil form, corn is a "binder", for pairing or enhancing flavours, creating a harmony between several ingredients.


Morning corn

Corn-flakes are the grain you need to make a great start to your day. The tagline underlines the association with breakfast.


Malted treat

Behind every chocolate is a poorly understood ingredient: malted barley. The tagline is a hint to its often-unsuspected flavour.


Barley bubbles

A nod to the explosion of barley in the photo, the tagline highlights the bubbly, effervescent and fleeting nature of beer in a fun and poetic tone.



Drink sensibly

Canola freshness

The mild flavour of canola oil is the perfect pairing for a fresh salad.


Wheat crescent

The croissant – the emblematic French pastry and Délifrance's star product – is associated with the moon's crescent shape in the collective imagination. "Wheat crescent" is a poetic reminder of this association.